Jethro Bodine Behind the Wheel (Horrors in Wax #5)

Wax Jethro Bodine, future Beverly Hills brain surgeon, "Double-Naught Spy" and in one episode big time Hollywood producer "Beef Jerky" drives the wax Clampett family to Beverly Hills. At the time, CBS fancied itself the "Tiffany Network" and the tightly-wound, nose-in-the-air suits HATED the idea of the country bumpkin show...but greed soon won them over. The Hillbillies ruled the airwaves! It was the number one rated show two seasons in a row, and one show alone attracted 22 million viewers. Some trivia? Future Charlie Manson victim Sharon Tate had a recurring role on the series as Jane Hathaway's assistant. Even more amazing, Granny Irene Ryan released a novelty single in 1966 titled "Granny's Miniskirt".
Beverly Hillbillies Postcard c. 1970 Collection Jim LInderman


  1. Philosophical question:

    What is the FIRST thing you know?

  2. Answer:

    Ol' Jed's a millionaire.

    ("Well, the first thing you know, ol' Jed's a millionaire.")

  3. I know two versions of the song not suitable for posting here. Suffice to say, Elly May was involved and it did NOT involve critters or the cement pond.