Flip Book Interactive Media "The Sombrero Kid"


Okay, I am only going to do this once, cause that's the way I roll...er...flip. The Sombrero Kid was a dame! The first flip book (and I guess, the first example of interactive media) was patented in 1882. This one, an original circa 1930 or so, was one of a series of adult novelty books sold under the counter. ( I can tell it is an original because of the grimy, leering fingerprints, several of which are now mine) They have been reprinted... I'm reluctant to link to the vendor because I didn't think of the idea first, but here it is. And yes...my garage sale decorated living room. It is an 8 second long clip.

The Sombrero Kid (one of a series of four Animated Flippin' Flappers) circa 1930.
Collection Jim Linderman


  1. She reminds me of the girls at the "Sally Rand Nude Ranch" at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, 1939-40.

  2. They always make me think about creating one of my own. Don't think I have the patience though.

  3. That's such a cool presentation. Thanks for doing that.