The Museum of Blue Jeans (and how to Brand a Boy)

A blatant and brazen attempt at branding precious and impressionable young children's minds from 1962 under the guise of a "museum" of things western. SHAME on you Wrangler™. There are no less than 4 pages out of 16 in which the child is directed to actually color the BRAND. The comic fails to point out this "authentic western wear" was created by one rough tough ropin' and ridin' hombre named Bernard Lichtenstein, a Polish Tailor who went by the moniker "Rodeo Ben." And by the way? Bring back a factory or two you greedy corporate varmints, we need the damn work.

Other "educational" publications of Custom Comics, Inc. include "Buster Brown of the Safety Patrol" for Buster Brown Shoes, 1960, and "Gilbert Toys presents Adventures in Science" 1958.

Cheap Coloring Book "Wrangler Western Museum" 1962. Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Buster Brown, that's who had the x-ray machines I used to stand so I could see the bones in my feet!

  2. Hilarious. You should find the "comic" and see
    if they tout their technology.