Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Elmer Anderson, The Third Worst Cartoonist in History Postcards

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The esteemed Elmer Anderson. Or as he is known anywhere a stamp would reach, the GENUINE Elmer Anderson. Biographical information on the prolific post card Picasso is precious... but his primary genres have been identified:

Tit Jokes
Stinky Things
Why did I get Married?
Occupationals and Situationals (Bars, Fisherman, Doctors)
Animal Kingdom (Peeing Dogs and Unwelcome Storks)

And most notable, the renowned "Ugly People" series done at the peak of his Elmer powers in 1951. (Interestingly, the year before Mad Magazine debuted) Early Elmers were self-published with a plain reverse. As his fame spread, Elmer created a "stamp here" logo, presumably a self-portrait. All seem to have come from Waterloo, Iowa, certainly an artistic hotbed of the 1950's.

Group of Genuine Elmer Anderson Postcards, c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Fantastic group! Elmer was a true genius.

  2. Make sure to see the other "World's Worst Cartoonist" posts. I intend to continue the series once a week or so. Thnaks for commenting.

  3. Now see, I think he's the worst so far, so instead of third, perhaps he's first. Or am I just confusing matters?