A Little Birdy Told Me To INSULT Your Ass.

I have trouble imagining the bitter rancorous old goat who came up this idea. "Prize Sap" indeed. At least they weren't mailed.

Set of Insult Postcards, 1945 Privately Printed in Chicago Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Strangely the fellow on the right looks a bit like Dan Rather.

  2. I spent eight years working for Dan Rather (at CBS NEWS) and you know? I think he looks more like Edward Murrow.

  3. You know, I see that too. Sort of a morphing from one into the other. I do see Rather, the early Rather reporting out of Texas or on the floor at the Republican convention. I certainly don't mean it in a negative way. I still think Rather's report about Bush missing in uniform was accurate and Rather took the full brunt of the administration.

    These remind of a card I remember seeing that could be put on people's car windows that left snarky remarks about their driving.

    These anonymous hit pieces are sort of like the anonymous hit posts on the net these days. I guess we haven't really progressed much as a society.

  4. Well, either way, that girl needs to see a plastic surgeon about that left ear.