Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Victor Minx Profile Sultan of Vintage Sleaze and Retro Graphics with Sexy Style Forgotten Illustrators and Photographers of Sleaze

Bettie Page, Anonymous Artists, Cocktail Napkin Nudes and Dirty Drawings combine for space on the sites (and books) maintained by Victor Minx, a collector and Garage Sale shopper who collects and presents a mind-boggling array of, as he says, Gals Gams and Garters . Actually, like purveyors of filth from the Fifties, Minx is a suitable pseudonym for a well-known vintage photography collector and published author who believes hidden ephemera and detritus of the past tells us a great deal about who we are today, and his products resemble more an art project than simple sleaze. To date, he has published two books , one a compilation of vintage vernacular erotic photographs (which means amateurs who could barely handle a shutter release, much less proper lighting) A 1950’s Scrapbook of women models in Stockings posing for barely capable hacks who fed the girlie magazines to the men’s market while trying to cash in on Hugh Hefner’s empire. At times hilarous but just as often beautiful or heartfelt, the sites are all worth following simply for audacity sake. The most recent, Vintage Sleaze , documents not only extraordinary forgotten illustrators, cartoon artists and erotic doodlers, it contains essays on noted artists such as Gene Bilbrew and other School of Visual Arts students who went bad. Another site chronicles he extraordinary hand-painted photos of the Fifties produced by one Rudolph Rossi, who joined Camera Clubs who hired models such as Bettie Page for naked outings, he then meticulously colored each photo with vibrant colors. A major discovery, the work is striking as well as odd. Two books have been self-published, more are promised and all are fabulous. There is no real guide to the sites, but several are linked here. More of an art publishing house than a pornographer, all the output is colorful, harmless and although much, as they say, “not safe for work” none will harm you. The books are published in limited edition on demand, links are provided on the sites, and the blogs themselves are free to browse, subscribe to or comment on.

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    the pix above were inked by
    Gene Bilbrew, late 1950s