Big Brave (Not Funny)

Want a project? Try to find out how many people lived in North America before the rest of us did. Estimates vary from 8 million to a whopping 112 million. Don't feel bad, it's only an "academic debate" according to the literature. By the way, there is no proper term for the people who lived in North America before the rest of us did. Well...there ARE, but there are nearly 500 of them and most are hard to pronounce. To see a few who used to exist on your land a few generations ago, click HERE. Once at the map, keep clicking until you find your Wal-Mart.

Postcard of "A famous landmark" No date Collection Jim Linderman


  1. There aren't too many examples of justice in this world, but one of the few is letting descendents of indigenous peoples take money from folks who aren't even smart enough to figure out that casinos legally return 8.5 cents on a dime. Now them's some good ODDS! It also happens to be an efficient staggered reinforcent rate for behavioral modification and shaping. Don't let your arm get tired, paleface, and keep playing!

  2. My feeling exactly. But strangely at the casino closest to where I live they seem to bus in Chinese. The place is always full of Chinese who of course were treated badly in California. So it's odd to see a group of elderly Chinese being fleeced by the Pomo tribe.