The Drunken Hubby (Pulp, Puke and the Post Office)

I always try to figure out my own posts. Witness this ad for a product claiming to cure alcoholism. I found it in the 1952 issue of My Romance (Actually, that would be a good post too, so here ya go!) Good enough...kitschy, graphically interesting, a nice cartoon image of a fellow in the throes of drunken misery. So, end of post, cool pics, g'night. I dug around a bit. The product is an emetic, that is, it makes you violently hurl (and I don't mean hurl your bottle at that hole in the plaster). The makers of the product were taken to court for mail fraud some 22 years after this ad appeared. Note the small print in the ad. "MAY BE TAKEN IN SECRET, a few drops eliminates desire for more alcohol" The manufacturers intended for troubled spouses to sneak it into hubby's drink and make him vomit himself into sobriety! Not good medicine, as the experts testify. Fascinating reading of the case HERE.