E.K Lund Preacher Artist Magician Centenarian

Lund's Scenic Garden of ten acres in Michigan included these life-size figures propped up among the pines. Mr. Lund was a minister, artist and professional magician. His best trick was living to the age of 100, but he died in 1999. The garden, which was located between Leland and Glen Arbor, MI has been dismantled.

Postcard circa 1960 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Cool - I had a friend who lived next door and as kids we'd run around in the woods at Lund's. I'm sure some of the religion soaked in.

    Do you have any more pictures from Lund's?

  2. Thanks for following and taking the time to write. That's a postcard, and even those are hard to come by. For some reason, not much has been written about his place. I think their is a book written, a bio possibly done by his wife, but i've not seen it.

  3. Thanks so much for having this information. I was raised in the area. We visited Lund Scenic Gardens almost every summer in the 50s and 60 while I was growing up. It was always a family activity. If you find any more information about this, that would be great.

    Irl Haswell