Folk Erotica Milt Simpson Book Review from the Past #1

Since no one reads blog posts, they only look at the pictures, I've decided from now on to review books only for myself, and only those which have meant something over the years. The physical book seems to be a glut on the market, so everything will be readily available used and affordable, another bonus! Like puppys at the shelter, good books deserving a home, and wherever possible I will link to the books for purchase. You will regret none. Where possible, I will link to the publisher or vendor of new copies. When out of print, as with this title, Amazon.

I met Milt Simpson 20 years ago, he was a neighbor in Hell's Kitchen and just delightful. His first book helped to create a whole new genre of collecting, the windmill weight, and with Milt's graphic and designing skills, it was a handsome book indeed. Beautiful things. (But to my eyes, not as beautiful as an effigy of a naked woman) So I bring you Folk Erotica. With text by Jennifer Borum, a fierce and informed art scholar. Milt assembled a survey of mostly eccentric and curious erotic folk art objects created over the centuries. It is a small, modest, and now inexpensive book with 140 pages of the most splendid pieces of canes, cans and carvings, all portraying that which makes men take notice. Heavy coverage of the late 20th century as well, which reflects the recent interest in outsider artists. As you can see, many collectors were happy to take some of their favorite pieces out of the closet (and off a pedestal) for Mr. Simpson. I have seen (and owned) some of the pieces in this book over the years, and while many are whimsical and lack the profundity of a tribal fetish object, all are splendid.

Folk Erotica was published in 1994 by Harper Collins and is highly recommended.


  1. It is a great book. And the layouts are quite well done. I cherish my copy!

  2. Can't decide, cowboy hats or woman smiling at her shoes.

  3. This looks wonderful, I've added it to my "to buy" list.

  4. Beautiful photography, 2-D & 3-D artwork, global historical timeline of Erotica... but one of my favorite pages is the back of the cover jacket, my dad.
    : )

  5. Oh, isn't it NICE of you to write! Milt did two beautiful books (and a considerable amount of other wonderful things) and he was generous and friendly to me. I considered him a good neighbor!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I hope you don't mind me bringing the book back to light a bit...both this and the Windmill Weight book are perfect examples of why the print medium is not to be neglected in our rush to digitize! Jim

  6. I recently discovered your website and blog. It's fantastic! It's extremely exciting to catch up with you and be reunited, albeit via the internet. Thank you for this post.

    I'm still in Hell's Kitchen NYC and still making books. The subjects are still quirky and eccentric, of course. Some have told me that my books feel like blogs. They're on my web site,

    Mr. Anonymous (above) made a cute comment, but, for the record, he's NOT my son. Thank you for your kind words which are appreciated very much. I've ordered your books and look forward to their arrival.

    Congratulations on the Grammy nomination of "Take Me to the Water".

  7. Hi Milt! NO Kidding? Someone impersonated a relative? Heck, I posted it without question. It was sent to me as annonymous. Curiosities of the internet. I'll be happy to link to suggest all follow your site! Jim