Horrors in Wax #15 The Dangling Dudes

AIEEE! Most wax "chambers of horrors" are hardly that...a few familiar Hollywood villains to scare the kids and a damsel in distress for Dad. This setup, however, would warp a kid for a decade. What demented wax sculptor dreamed this up? Vintage grain rake hangs in the back to add a pointy "what is THAT" object to further scare the kids, and a few presumably wax chickens scratch around the "barn of death" floor. A question? Who would SEND this?
From the Dull Tool Dim Bulb "Horrors in Wax" series. Collect them all.

Horrors in Wax #15 Postcard c. 1965. Collection Jim Linderman


  1. This reminds me of an all too real photo I've seen. I beliee this is a recreation of a lynching in Ada, Oklahoma in 1909. Google it and you'll find it. RPPCs of the true event sold for decades following. Is there any location info on the wax version?

  2. Cool! (and grisly) The card has no information, I believe it was from a temporary wax museum set up for State Fair Park in Dallas at some time after the Kennedy Assassination. Thanks!