1928 Perp Walk of Edward Hickman Los Angeles "Fox Slayer" Meet the Press

"Interest in Edward Hickman, Los Angeles "Fox Slayer" of Marian Parker has not laxed since his trial and death sentence, judging from this picture of the crowd journeying to Richmond, California to get a glimpse of the young slayer as he was hustled from a train to a ferry bound for San Quentin Prison to serve a life sentence. Hickman is bareheaded and sweater clad. Manacled to him and at the right is Welby Hunt, his pal in another crime, who was sentenced to life imprisonment."

Anonymous Press Photograph, hand-embellished 1928 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Great picture. Do you have any more of Hickman?

  2. Indeed I do...a few. Interiors. Send email and we can chat about them