Hose Units for Watering the Lawn? Early Fire Sprinklers?


  1. Wow. Who else sees a man's face in the 2nd one?

  2. These aren't lawn sprinklers. They are automatic fire sprinklers. The blocks in the center hold a plug in place until they get hot. The blocks fall out, the plug is shot out by water pressure and then, whoosh! Look at the rightmost sprinkler: the two piece wedge is held together by a piece of low melting point metal, like wood's metal. The arms are cammed and the only thing keeping them from leveraging out of place is the metal plate with the square holes.

    The other two work in a similar, but less obvious fashion.

  3. I'll pay good money for the middle one. Seriously, shoot an email back, and lets talk!!! That middle one is made by a company named "Rundle Spence", and that is an old head. I'm with the Fire Marshal's Office in Charlotte, NC and would love to have that!! Let's talk!!!